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1911 S.P.R.S.
Strike Plate Rail Systems
(Patent Pending)

Made In The USA

Authorized Reseller Application




The SPRS comes along at a time when there are numerous good pieces of gear for one�s sidearm. What sets this system apart is the modularity of it- you can use it with or without the light and it has a specially designed holster so you can carry it with the SPRS, with the light and the SPRS, or without either. The SPRS itself noticeably decreases muzzle flip, and it may actually help decrease group size, if you can shoot as well as your own gun. Additionally, the SPRS will help to ensure that your pistol remains in battery should your muzzle come into contact with a hard object. Nothing quite as exciting as pulling your trigger and getting no response when you truly expect- and perhaps desperately require- one that sounds like BANG. This is a solid piece of gear and one which warrants close examination by police and military organizations that use the pistol as a tool of their trade. 


M.R. Halferty
G5 JOPES/TSC Officer

I am currently on a Crisis Response Team (C.R.T.) with the state of California. The C.R.T. main objective is Hostage rescue. I have been on the C.R.T. for four years and have been a recreational shooter/hunter most of my life.

As with most tactical teams my C.R.T. gets its fair share of "the latest and greatest" accessories for weapons and gear to try out and evaluate. My C.R.T. leader asked me to try out another "latest and greatest", the "Strike Plate Rail System" (S.P.R.S.) from Urban Advantage Tactical Systems. I asked my C.R.T. leader for adequate evaluation time on the S.P.R.S. I fired approximately 4,000 rounds through my duty weapon with the S.P.R.S. installed and my findings are as follow:

* The S.P.R.S. installs easily with no modifications to the weapon.

* Before installing the S.P.R.S., I thought it would make the weapon
   too muzzle heavy. However, with a tactical light attached  to the
   S.P.R.S., the balance of the weapon felt good in my hands, not
   awkward like some add-ons.

* The felt recoil was reduced considerably. I was able to execute
   accurate hammer and failure drills from much greater distances.

* I don't spend much time shooting accuracy groups with my sidearm,
   but while using the S.P.R.S. my groups were much tighter than with
   out the S.P.R.S. As with all tactical teams, surgical shooting is a

I fully endorse this product. I have an S.P.R.S. installed on my off duty weapon and always will. Also, Urban Advantage will have a one hell of a time trying to get me to return the S.P.R.S. that is installed on my duty weapon.

Boyd Murphy
Crisis Response Team Member
Crisis Entry Squad

To:                    Urban Advantage

Subject:            As a member of the Crisis Response Team (CRT), I experienced the same problem most tactical operators face, the lack of a side arm lighting system.  There are several companies producing different models, shapes and sizes of lighting systems for our primary weapons system (AR-15).  However, due to the department�s financial situation we are unable to purchase new side arms that allow the application of lighting systems.  This dilemma placed our team/operators at a great disadvantage in cases were the side arm was needed.  After hours of research and testing, a company called Urban Advantage has solved our lighting problem and kept the departmental bean counters happy.  The Strike Plate Rail System (S.P.R.S.) allows us to mount lighting systems to our side arms with no modifications to the weapon system.  The rail mounts utilizing an elongated slide stop pin and a tension screw that applies to the trigger guard.  The entire system installs in about 45 to 60 seconds and is categorized as an accessory not a modification.  The rail accepts most if not all lights including Surefire and Stream light models.  It weighs approximately 3.5 ounces and is virtually unnoticeable on the weapon.  This additional weight is just enough to reduce recoil, especially with the light installed, decreasing the elapsed time between shots during hammer and failure drills.  Urban Advantage also has models available for most hand guns on the market including the 1911.  They also work closely with the people from Blade Tech and Safari Land to produce holsters for both tactical teams and patrol duty.

                        Urban Advantage has solved our weapon lighting problems with an inexpensive, time tested accessory satisfying the needs of our team and the administration.  I strongly recommend this product for both on and off-duty usage.  Please feel free to contact the people at Urban Advantage for special Law Enforcement/Military pricing and for any special application needs.  www.urbanadvantage.net

Sergeant Russell Marta

Crisis Response Team (CRT)

California Department of Corrections

I am a retired Master Sergeant of Special Forces currently employed as a Peace Officer with the State of California (no laughing please). I have been a shooter since age five and a competitive shooter since age 11. Twenty-one years of military service, two years of which I was attached to the XVIII Airborne Corps rifle team, have given me an exposure to an extremely wide variety of weapons, some good, some not so good.

As with any shooter I have seen my share of gizmos and attachments that were supposed to make your weapon better. Most of these were not worth a second glance. With all of that said you can understand why I was skeptical when approached about the Urban Advantage Strike Plate Rail System (S.P.R.S.).

After my first session on the range shooting a 1911A1 with full power duty loads I was impressed enough to acquire a S.P.R.S. for my own .45. I have now fired somewhere around one thousand rounds through several of my own 1911s equipped with the S.P.R.S. and have found the following to be true with each pistol:

  • Any of my tactical light systems attaches quickly and easily to the S.P.R.S. Retention on the rail system is solid

  • Recoil is reduced significantly when using the S.P.R.S. and follow-up shots are much faster and easier to make

  • Accuracy is improved to a point of disbelief. Average group sizes were reduced from 1/3 to � of normal sizes with only the addition of the S.P.R.S

I have now acquired a S.P.R.S. for my Crisis Response Team to test on our issue pistols. Initial range testing shows the same affect as was experienced with the .45 caliber pistols.

I would fully recommend this simple, rugged and inexpensive accessory to anyone who is serious about defensive or tactical pistol work.

Paul Turpin
Master Sergeant
U.S. Army (Retired)



After 30 years of law enforcement, including involvement with the El Dorado County Sheriff Department and an Investigator position with the State of California, I have developed a high proficiency with a handgun.  I am a qualified Range Master with eight years of competitive shooting experience and a strong desire for quality weaponry and accessories.

I recently had an opportunity to test fire a 1911 .45 with an innovative �Strike Plate� attachment.  The Strike Plate attaches under the barrel or frame, held on by the slide pin and a setscrew adjustment.  It allows the secondary attachment of lights and/or laser sights.  I set out to prove or disprove the value of this tactical looking addition to the .45 auto.  The Strike Plate adds a little weight but feels very comfortable and better stabilized the recoil of the weapon.

I shot approximately 20 rounds without the Strike Plate and the same with it attached.  From about 20 yards, shooting at a paper target for record, my group without the Strike Plate was a good 1 ��. Upon a quick and easy attachment of the Strike Plate, my group reduced to about an inch.  Having first proven the high value of the Urban Advantage Strike Plate to myself, I wholeheartedly support its usage by law enforcement and those in the public sector with special needs and interest.

I understand it is now in production for a number of quality brand weapons and will be available soon.  I�m anxious to receive my own Strike Plate soon.

Gary A. McGee
Senior Special Investigator
State of California

Dear Urban advantage,

As a result of my employment I carry a weapon day in and out both here and at home. I have tested and rejected many gizmos throughout my career to date. I have been carrying your attachment on an issue Beretta for the last 6 months in Afghanistan. It mounts very easily and removes for cleaning just rapidly. During this time it has proven it's salt in the worst of conditions. It is not uncommon here for it to rain, snow, freezing, the sun beating down and the dust blowing all in the same day. The dust, environment and general operating demands here degrade weapons function very rapidly. As a result weapons and kit require constant maintenance. After multiple days of mission in the field the weapon continues to function as intended and in no way degrades performance. Consistently the device has functioned even when covered in dust without fail. The attachment hasn't reduced my presentation time, tactical manipulation or any other facet of handling. I have noted increased accuracy (by at least 30% if not more), reduced muzzle flip during hammer drills and tactical firing exercises thereby decreasing time for steel on steel. It further allows me to rapidly mount my illumination device as needed for night time operations without delay. As a current active Special Operations Soldier, SWAT officer (18 year veteran) and professional weapons and tactics instructor I highly recommend the SPRS. Thanks for your efforts in building a better mouse trap. Take care and thanks again!

Respectfully submitted,


More testimonials coming shortly



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