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1911 S.P.R.S.
Strike Plate Rail Systems
(Patent Pending)

Made In The USA

Authorized Reseller Application


S.P.R.S. Specifications and Attributes

S.P.R.S. Designs
The Strike Plate Rail System �S.P.R.S.� offers a number of features to its user�s arsenal and personal toolbox. First the Strike plate makes it almost impossible to knock the gun out of battery thus increases reliability and the ability to rely on that shot in a CQB scenario. Second the S.P.R.S. allows for mounting of any hardware which uses the universal rail system (tac-lights, lasers, or combo of both). Third the S.P.R.S. covers the underside of the gun closing the moderately large opening allowing debris or dirt between the slide and the frame acting like a full bodied dust cover. Fourth, the S.P.R.S. reduces muzzle climb and recoil by almost 50% while increasing accuracy and increasing velocity by 5-10% in some cases. Fifth the 1911 design allows the user to use his 1911 S.P.R.S. on any full size 1911 giving him versatility and compatibility with other 1911�s.

Materials Used

All S.P.R.S. models are machined from a single piece of 2024 aluminum which has a higher tensile strength then most mild steels. With its high strength & excellent fatigue resistance, it is used to advantage on structures & parts where a good strength-to-weight ratio is desired.

All S.P.R.S. models are hard anodized for durability and the perfect finish which is offered in matte or high gloss. The hard anodizing forms a thin layer which is harder then most hardened steels.

Our S.P.R.S. models come in a full range of colors from black to polished. Special orders on coloring are welcomed and Urban Advantage will work with you to find the color desired to match your existing firearm.











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